Internal and overseas leading brand in laser machinery,having 15 years of R&D experience

  • Since Hongze Laser cutting machinery manufacturer was established in 2000,it has accumulated rich production and R&D experience.Hongze is your best choice with large-scale production base and international technologies troops

    Strict perfect quality control system ensure our products more stable

  • Checking every aspect of production in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control system to ensure the production stability and high quality,Hongze now is the leading brand in China.

    High quality guaranteed

  • HOZE LASER own a professional team of 100 people ,we have the strength to research professional technology .our annual output could reach to 50 million yuan, so we could fully meet your supply requirement. Our equipment have High precision and multi-function,and completely controlled by computer. What‘s more,our machine could operate off-line. Proofing is convenient and durable. So we improve the satisfaction and the rate of second glance.

    Intimate preferential policies for customers

  • Welcome to visit Hongze Metal Laser Cutting Machinery,we promise you 100% service and timely delivery.

    Relying on its own strength alone is difficult to have great achievements,we must believe The Power of Partnerships.Instead of relying on their own progress in-depth study on the possible, metal laser cutting machines manufacturers need to

  • Suzhou Puhler Die Co.,Ltd.
    Suzhou Puhler Die Co.,Ltd.

    Laser cutting machine is the largest facility that is currently used in the metal processing industry, and with the development of society, the metalworking industry in rapid development of the laser cutting machine manufacturers everywhere,

    Suzhou Puhler Die Co.,Ltd.
  • Dognguan Banqiao Precision Co.,Ltd
    Dognguan Banqiao Precision Co.,Ltd

    Now the laser industry has a high position in the development of China's market, the market is now an indispensable industry, people dependent on it is unspeakable, so metal laser cutting machine in people's minds occupied a very important r

    Dognguan Banqiao Precision Co.,Ltd

  • > HOZE achieved the Annual High-tech Outstanding
  •    Enterprises of Guangdong Province in 2014
  • > HOZE achieved The National
  •    High Tech 3A Grade Credit Enterprise in 2014
  • > HOZE achieved High Tech Enterprise
  •    Certificate in 2012
  • > HOZE Laser through the ISO9001:2008 quality
  •    certification

Shenzhen Hongze laser equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is a high-tech enterprise of laser equipment for the integration of a professional R & D and production and sales;Our company has a perfect production base of laser equipment, laser international team of experts. Has a number of offices in all provinces of the country

Hongze Headquarters

Add:16, Dawangshan first road, Shajing town, Baoan district, Shenzhen, China
Tel:+86 0755-29713673/29713873
Mob:+86 15818760887

2017 Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition
Dear All Hereby we have pleasure to inform you, HOZE LASER will attend the coming 2017 Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition on May 2017. Please feel free...
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